Have you ever considered the boldness of the love of Christ? By bold, I mean unwavering, sure, certain. Not blind or foolish or foolhardy or ignorant love, but fully aware, constantly piercing and pursuing; relentless and resilient love.

This is the kind of love Christ has for the church, for his bride, and for you, Christian.

When I compare this kind of love to the love I often possess, the difference is staggering. I’m afraid to love people, because I’m scared of what I might find, or what they might find. Do you ever think Jesus is afraid to look upon you, afraid to love you? Do you approach your sweet savior with your guilt, thinking that he is not able to look at it, that somehow your sin is far darker than your Christ is light? This could not be further from the truth. Do you realize that because Christ paid all penalties of sin on the cross and absorbed the full weight of the wrath of God on your behalf, that your sin does not scare him? Don’t you know that he has already confronted every heinous sin, and emerged victorious?

The love of Christ is supremely capable even when you feel most culpable. His love is bold in the face of ugly, filthy, dirty, abhorrent, impure, unrighteous, damnable sin. When we fail and stumble and fall, we must remember the boldness of the love of Christ.

This bold love is not hiding. It is tangible, manifested and ready to be seen.

It is Christ, hung upon the tree for you – for your every sin, for your darkness, for your deepest rooted vices; he is given to you freely at your lowest point, bestowed to you with gentle grace by a benevolent Father. You deserve to be shunned, you deserve to witness only the wrath of God, you deserve judgment and punishment and abandonment. Instead you are gifted with the gift of God’s very essence, his son in whom all deity dwells. Instead of seeing the back of God as he turns away, in the bold love of Christ we are pulled close to his chest, welcomed in, held tightly, cherished and embraced and known and delighted in.

Make no mistake of what you deserve, but remind yourself even more of what you receive in Christ. Think often of the boldness of the love of Jesus, a love that knows your sin, that has found you out, that you cannot hide from; yet a love that needs not look away. Jesus Christ, in his love for you, dared to stare directly, unwavering, at the darkest parts of your heart – instead of blinking, he bled.


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