“There lives the dearest freshness deep down things.”

So said Gerard Manley Hopkins, the renowned Jesuit poet, in his famous poem “God’s Grandeur”. The work is a tribute to the unquenchable glory of God in creation, to the distinct beauty that rolls out from the Godhead “like shining from shook foil”, a majesty that can never be spent no matter the ignorance of sinful man. The reality of the dearest freshness that lives, deep down, in every created thing, is that it always points to the beauty of Christ. “Christ plays in ten thousand places” quips Hopkins again, and all that is required to find him is to dig a little.

This site is meant to aid you in your digging — by exploring poetry, theology, life, and literature, and uncovering the dearest freshness in every corner of the mind and the heart — so that Christ and his gospel might be found to be a source of beauty to wonder at, wisdom to ponder on, and truth to live for.

Happy Exploring!